~I know now that glory has not a place near my hands or any man’s~

I had a really sucky day, that turned out to be sucky only because of a trash attitude. Due to a wonderful combination of: coffee, bikerides, a fire, and pokemon, my day improved. 

Now I started listening to “Son I Loved You at Your Darkest”. Its been way too long so I guess I am staying up past my bedtime to finish it.

How are you guys? :)

Darren Korb - We All Become
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We All Become - Darren Korb from Transistor Original Soundtrack


Song: We All Become

Source: Transistor (Voice by Ashley Barrett)

The one I reblogged cuts off too early so here’s the one I got straight off the soundtrack I bought with the game.

Oh and Did I mention the soundtrack?

If your passion for something causes you to hate your neighbour or hate God; It is not a God given passion. It could  be for a good cause and could be entirely correct otherwise.

Jesus said “go and do likewise” not “go find sinners and point at them”.